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Our Services

Infinity’s Core Services Include:

  • Structured Corporate & Real Estate Finance
  • Structured Joint Ventures & Equity Participation
  • Structured Acquisitions
  • Structured Investments with I.R.R’s
  • Investor Rate of Returns minimum of 8% +
  • Business Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Private Lending
  • Real Estate Acquisitions & Investments
  • Joint Ventures

Structured Corporate & Real Estate Finance:

Infinity has aligned itself with over 1500+ Finance Companies and Real Estate Lenders throughout the World, consisting of Banks, Corporate & Financial Institutions, Pension Funds, Life Insurance Funds, Trust Funds, Wall Street Funds, Syndicated Funds, and Private Funds. Infinity has become North America’s premier Finance specialists in which we work with our clients to find the most advantageous financial structure available in the marketplace, given their financial situation. This may involve refinancing existing debt to provide longer repayment schedules or improved interest rates, finding equity, or placing subordinated debt to increase financial capacity for growth. Companies that have a complex debt structure or that have been unable to arrange satisfactory commercial financing or refinancing on their own can work hand in hand with Infinity to refinance, consolidate debt, and improve their financial position. Infinity’s clients include both those having excellent credit and those who may have credit quality issues and have included small Individual Investors right up to major Corporations.

Client & Transaction Profile:

Loan Amounts: $500k – $1 Billion +
Client Base: Builders, Developers, Individuals, Small/Mid Market Companies, Major Corporations, REIT’s, Real Estate Investment Companies.
Targeted Markets: Canada, USA, Asia, Europe, Mexico, & Caribbean

Corporate Product Profile:

Business Loans Lines of Credit Factoring Lease Financing

Real Estate Profile:

Transaction Types: Acquisition, Construction, Equity Take-out, Refinance
Structures: First & Second Mortgages, Bridge Loans, Mezzanine Financing, Short/Long Term, Portfolio Transactions.

Real Estate Properties:

Auto Repair Centres Gas Stations Multi-Family
Auto Dealerships Golf Courses Multi Tenant Office Buildings
Apartment Complexes Hotels Office Buildings
Assisted Living Facilities Industrial Properties Restaurants
Bed & Breakfast Land Retail Centres/Plaza’s
Builders Financing Manufacturing Facilities Residential Land Development
Casino’s Marinas Resorts
C – Stores Medical Buildings RV Parks
Condo Development Projects Mini-Storage Facilities Shopping Centres
Condominium Conversions Mixed-use Properties Single Tenant Office Buildings
Commercial Land Development Mobile Home Parks Storage Facilities
Entertainment Complexes Motels Theme Parks
Estate Homes   Townhome Projects

Structured Joint Ventures & Equity Participation:

Information Available Soon!

Structured Acquisitions:

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Structured Investments:

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